Frequently asked questions

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    What's the role of the HOA
    The Home Owners Association is a non-profit organization, who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the community. The board of directors that sit on the HOA, must be residents in the community and are voted in by the community.
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    I want to change something on my house. What's the process.
    All changes to your home MUST be approved by the Architecture Review Committee prior to work being completed. Please visit the complete the ARC request form (found under documents) and submit a Request under Contact.
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    I have an issue with my account, who do I contact?
    BRM (Beacon Residential Management) is the managing agent for our community. Please view the Contact Page to the latest contact information.
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    My neighbor is in violation of the deed restrictions. What should I do?
    We all strive to keep a beautiful community. Please complete the request form found under Contact to submit a violation request and it will be reviewed by the management company

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